Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Title: Every Last Word
Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
Publication Date: June 16, 2015
More information on Goodreads

I didn’t actually read this book, I listened to it. It was one of the free downloads on AudioBookSync. To be honest, I think I would have liked this book more if I had read it, I would not recommend this on audio.

The main reason I would not recommend the audiobook version is because Sam has a lot of comments in her head when listening to other people’s conversations and when being in a conversation herself. Sometimes it was hard to tell if she actually said something or if she was just thinking it. If I were to read the book, there wouldn’t be a problem since quotation marks.

I wasn’t a fan of the narrator. I didn’t really like her voice and she kind of made all of the characters sound nasally, and stuck up. To me, the voice just didn’t match what I would have thought. I also wasn’t really a fan of any of the characters. I just couldn’t connect with any of them. And, I know that people change, but it just seems weird to me that AJ is dating Sam when Sam used to bully him so bad he switched schools.

The poetry part was fine; it wasn’t ruined by the audiobook. It was actually the only thing that I kind of liked about the audiobook. I don’t really like poetry, so to have it read to me over reading it myself was a bonus.

In terms of the mental illness part, it was fine. I’ve heard some people say that it’s not very accurate, but I don’t have OCD so I can’t really say.

There was quite a twist at the end. It was shocking, but I got over it pretty quickly. I’m not a fan of the audio version of this book, it left a bad taste in my mouth, but if you can get your hands on a physical copy, I think I would recommend this book. Maybe.



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