On My Nightstand {1}

So, since I haven’t been reading much lately and haven’t finished a book in time to write a review, I thought I would update you on all of the books I’m reading and what you can expect reviews for.

Anne Frank and Dangerous Women have been on my shelf FOREVER but I got to really boring parts in both books and I seem to lose motivation to read them. I might restart Anne Frank but maybe when my TBR is lower. Speaking of starting over this is my second time trying to read Pride and Prejudice but I’m just not enjoying it.

It took me a while to get into Every Last Word, I have it as an audiobook but I’ve had to restart it several times before I really started caring about what was going on. It’s an alright book but I feel like I would enjoy it more if I were reading instead of listening.

The other 3 I’ve just started reading but keep putting off because I get bored and then do other things like crochet, watch Netflix, play Assassins Creed. But starting tonight I need to really crack down because I’m not starting anything else until most of these are under control.

Wish me luck!



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