Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Title: Eclipse (Twilight #2)
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Published: August 7, 2007
More information on Goodreads

Yes this is my first time reading Eclipse. Yes I regret ever begging my mom for the complete series for Christmas 7 years ago. Yes, if you haven’t read twilight yet, don’t.
I don’t even know what to say besides it was terrible.

Bella was infuriating. She loved Edward but she also loved Jacob and couldn’t live without either of them and hated that she was hurting Jacob by loving him but was too selfish to just let him go. Edward was so in love with Bella that even though he hated Jacob, if him being around meant Bella was happy then Edward would tolerate Jacob. Jacob was so stupid that even though he knew he should stay away he just couldn’t.

It was all so infuriating that I almost quit reading. But I kept going because everybody says it got better after New Moon. I thought New Moon was so boring because Bella did nothing but mope around most of the book, I thought the rest of the series would be that way but everyone urged me that it got better.

It didn’t. It almost got worse. I can barely tell you what this book is about because I cared so little that I hardly remember yet I read it not even an entire month ago from the time of writing this review. I also skim read a lot because it was a lot of Bella thinking and I can’t stand being in her head.

Don’t start this series. Save yourself.



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