Never Never: Part Three Mini Review

Title: Never Never: Part Three
Authors: Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher
Release Date: January 19, 2016
More information on Goodreads

Part 3 is the third and final instalment in the Never Never trilogy. I must say I’m not impressed. I also must say that this review will contain spoilers.

Once again Charlie and Silas loose their memory but they are prepared for it. Charlie turns back into who she was in part 1 and I didn’t like her. She still jokes about how stupid selfies are and she just has this air about her that she hates everything and everyone and I’m sitting here thinking, “get over yourself. You’re not cool or original for the way you’re acting. Stop it.”

Silas was kind of annoying. He was just soooo in love with Charlie that he could hardly focus on anyone but her. This gave him the idea that maybe they are soul mates and maybe them forgetting their memory is the world resetting them so they fall in love forever and ever again. Excuse me while I barf my guts out. Especially since that’s exactly the reasoning. Not some cool voodoo/supernatural spell that made them forget. Just plain old soul mates. They set it up to be something awesome but it’s really not.

And that pointless epilogue. They couldn’t just leave it at Silas and Charlie being together? They had to go 20ish years in the future to show that now their daughter is having the same problem.  WWWWWHHHHYYYYYY?????????

I would not recommend this series at all. Kinda makes me not want to read Tarryn Fisher because I’ve read Coho and I like her books but I haven’t read Tarryn Fisher.



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