Weekend Reads {9}

I’m really sorry, but I’m really bad with actually doing a weekend reads post every weekend. I just find it hard because Thursday night is Shonda night (Grey’s Anatomy and HTGAWM) and I just get side tracked. This weekend though I am here and ready to share!

I requested The Passenger on a whim from NetGalley and about a day later I got accepted. It’s already been published and it’s no longer available for request, but I got it at the last moment. I felt like I needed more mystery/thriller books in my life and this fit the bill.

I’ve had Never Never on my iPod for a while since it was free once upon a time, and the rest of the series was 99 cents last week so I have all three. It’s really slow at work right now and even though I shouldn’t be, I started reading Never Never at work because it’s easier to hide then my ereader.

They are both really good and I would really like to finish both of these this weekend. Maybe another book, maybe Never Never part 2 since they are such small books.

What are you reading this weekend?



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