Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer

Title: Wonder (WWW #3)
Author: Robert J. Sawyer
Publication Date: March 29, 2011
More information on Goodreads

Wonder is the third and final book in the WWW trilogy and honestly I’m kind of disappointed.

The ending was not what I was expecting. I thought it would go a completely different way. I thought it would be more intense, so when ‘the final fight’ happened I felt underwhelmed.

There was also a lot of non-action scenes. Just theorizing and talking. Interviews and what not. I thought it was pretty ballsy to script a Jon Steward interview. All of these other big names like Barack Obama were eluded but not Jon Steward. Maybe he got permission, I don’t know but it was weird.

I also skipped about 6 pages near the end because it was just Webmind speaking about peace and I didn’t really care anymore. Especially when he was just pulling from other peoples speeches.

The one thing that I did like was that we finally get to know Hobo’s role in the whole thing. Which was great because I was so confused as to why we were reading his story.

I don’t know if I would recommend this series anymore but it’s nice to read about an Artificial Intelligence that isn’t evil.



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