The Defiant by Lisa M. Stasse

Title: The Defiant (The Forsaken #3)
Author: Lisa M. Stasse
Publication Date: July 8, 2014
More information on Goodreads

I’ve been searching for a long time to read this book. I started reading the series, The Forsaken, while working at the bookstore and I had quit before this book made its way to our store. (It’s a small store.)

So when I found out that I could listen to it via Audible and that I was going on a road trip that was going to last several days, I downloaded it immediately.

It was quite interesting to listen to. I knew without a doubt that The Defiant was going to be violent, but it was much more real and cringe-worthy. The one thing I didn’t like about the narrator was that a lot of her male voices were the same. It was annoying because it was hare to tell who was talking. I also wasn’t a fan of how she portrayed Alenna, the main character. Maybe if I had listened to them from the beginning it wouldn’t be so bad.

I was confused by the storyline a bit because it said she encounters old friends. I thought that might friends before the whole seires happened but I guess not.

This series is alright. I think it was writing because dystopian teen trilogys were what was hot when the first book came out. I don’t think I would specifically recommend this one cause it is just medicore, nothing fantastic or new.



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