Blog Hiatus Explained

If you haven’t noticed, I took a small hiatus last week and only posted on Monday. There is a reason for this. My parents and I are taking a road trip and it started last Wednesday afternoon. Which means on Tuesday I was too busy working and packing and watching Deadpool to make a post. Plus, I didn’t have a book review to post and it never crossed my mind to do a Waiting on Wednesday post. So instead of doing a little TBR or this road trip, I decided to just pause the blog. I also had no idea what I would be reading by Friday so I couldn’t really do a Weekend Reads post and I’m not creative enough to think of anything else.


But now life has calmed down. I’m feeling okay and not so stressed out. We are still on our road trip which won’t end until next Monday but I’m going to try to keep my blogging on track  it might be difficult cause I hate WordPress on my iPad.

Anyway, I hope all is well in your world and that we are cool.




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