Weekend Reads {6}

I am so excited for this weekend! Not only is it a long weekend, but it’s the first weekend in I don’t know how long that I get a weekend off without booking it off. That’s right, I no longer have a second job!


I’m celebrating with reading and crocheting my blanket! This post would have came to you sooner but I was hoping to finish a book Thursday night. But no, sleep won that war. Anywho, I’m definitely finish it this weekend, and maybe another!


How come no one ever nagged me until I read this book? OMG! I’m so addicted! I know I said I wouldn’t start another series but I’ve already finished two and have no plans on putting this one on the sidelines! Expect… you know… the last book – The Winner’s Kiss – doesn’t come out until March 29….


In the meantime maybe I’ll probably finish a few more series but I’m such a moody reader right now that there is no way I’ll stick to a TBR.

What are you reading this weekend?


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