Year in Review 2015

I’m not sure how to start this post so lets keep it awkward. 2015 had a lot of firsts for me. I graduated college, started my blog, started knitting again, quit a job that I loved, got a full time job while keeping my part time job. Going on a cruise to travel the world a little more.

(I know I use this gif a lot but I love it)

In reading, it was the first time that I read a bunch of books that I didn’t like. My average rating on Goodreads for 2015 is 3.1 stars for 72 books. Speaking of which, I was 8 books away from my yearly Goodreads goal. Which I totally understand. I’m working two jobs, and reading books I don’t enjoy. I find when I don’t enjoy books it takes me longer to read. I also did not finish 3 books.


I finished 5 series and started countless more. This year I am hoping to finish more series before I start reading more. I also want to read more of my own books before buying more. I think everyone tries to do that. But when I hardly have time to go to the bookstore, and the fact that I don’t work there anymore


will make it a lot easier to not buy so many books.

I hope you had an amazing 2015 and have an even better 2016



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