Month in Review: November 2015

I don’t want to sound like everyone else, but I honestly can’t believe it’s December already. Usually there’s at least 2 feet of snow on the ground and it only gets as warm as -15 and as cold as -40 sometimes. This year, there’s barely any snow on the ground and it ranges from -10 to +4. Climate change is real people!

Anyways, November was a good reading month for me although I did not reach my goal. I wanted to read 10 books but I only read 8. Alas, this is not a bad number. I’m just happy I’m finally finished with that massive NetGalley TBR! I have requested a few since then, but I will never go that crazy on there again. Lesson learned.

I have reviewed/will have a review for all of these books except for two, Wanted and Seize the Night. I just find that, especially with Wanted, it’s hard to review them without spoiling things. And I HATE spoilers. If you want to know my general thoughts, I will have mini reviews on my Goodreads.

I bought a few books this month. Two of them I ordered and one I bought in store. Can you guess which one I bought in store??

I honestly don’t think I’m mentally prepared for it. I haven’t even started to reread Cinder yet. Probably in the new year. I also bought some ebooks but do you think I could remember which ones? Nope! I should really keep track of that! I did order some books from BookOutlet on Black Friday, but they definitely won’t be here for a while so I’ll make a post when I get them. I’m so excited!


What did you read this month?



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