The Martian Review

Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Publication Date: February 11, 2014
More information on Goodreads

Hooray! Finally a review of a book that I didn’t request from NetGalley! Haha!

If you haven’t heard of The Martian, whether it be the book or the movie, where have you been? I’ve known about this book since it came out. I worked at a bookstore at the time, and whenever I passed it, I always noticed it. I never thought of picking up though, until recently when one of the people I follow was raving about it. We normally have similar tastes, so I was really excited to start this.

It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but it wasn’t terrible so I wasn’t disappointed. I looked at reviews, because I always do. As always, some people loved it, some hated it. And I totally understand where both sides are coming from. The story wasn’t heart-wrenching, and I don’t think it was supposed to be because Watney accepted his situation and tried his best to survive. People also thought he was a flat character because of the way he thought. But I found that it was similar to the way I think sometimes, and I’m not a flat character. I also kept trying to picture Watney as Matt Damon but it just wasn’t working.

One sucky part about this book is that I didn’t really understand half of what was going on. I don’t have a degree in engineering, or mechanics, nor have I ever learned about this stuff. So when he was going on about the changes he was making to all of the equipment and whatnot, I was lost. But when he talked chemistry, I totally understood, since I’ve learned chemistry. If you haven’t learned any of it I feel like you would be quite lost.

I’m still conflicted with the ending. I won’t spoil anything but I was and wasn’t satisfied with it. An epilogue or something would have been nice. Overall, it was a good, somewhat predictable read.



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