Month in Review: October 2015

Whoa I’m posting on a Sunday?? Whaaaat?!?! Well I just have important things scheduled and I don’t want to push them back. Also posting a Month in Review post in the middle of the month would be strange.

Side note: It finally snowed and it’s cold enough to stick. This is really strange because normally where I live we’ve already had snow for 2-3 weeks.

This month was a better reading month than the past few months. I read a total of 8 books!

I was good this month as well in the buying/requesting books. I only bought two books:

and I requested/was approved for one:

Story time! I won a Fierce Reads giveaway while I was in Hawaii. I wasn’t able to go through my email until a few days after I was emailed that I won. I emailed back saying I hope it wasn’t too late and never got a reply. That was late September. I thought it was too late since it is now the end of October and nothing came. But I was wrong. When my mom opened the front door (which we never use) for trick-or-treaters she found the package between the door and the screen door….. Anyways, here’s what was inside.


A tote bag, a water bottle, a pen, a t-shirt (not shown) and 2 arcs! (Also, please excuse my poor midnight photography skills)

I hope you have a wonderful November!


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