Hunter Review

Title: Hunter (Hunter #1)
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Publication Date: September 1, 2015
More information on Goodreads

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

Guys, this book is nothing like I thought it would be, and not in a good way. From the cover alone I was expecting dragons. Spoiler! There aren’t any!! I was so disappointed. To me, that looks like a dragon, but it’s actually just a creature that they fight (I think). So already, it’s deceiving.

The plot was alright. It was all kind of the same, and since I didn’t take very good notes and read it a while ago, I don’t remember much except for the end. Which I won’t give details for because I hate spoiling important things. The ending was pretty epic, but there isn’t much to go off for book 2, but people will buy it because of the hype. I won’t because I’m not interested in the characters or the story. I found both pretty boring, to be honest.

I also didn’t care about the writing. It seemed like two different people were writing the story, but didn’t make it fluid. Some things would get explained 3 times, but other things would be mentioned and never explained once. I didn’t care for the world building. It wasn’t bad, I’ve just read better. I also didn’t care how some things were spelled differently. ie ‘Holly Days’ instead of ‘Holidays’

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate this book, I just had some pretty high expectations. Mercedes Lackey is a pretty prolific writing. She has written so many books, and is a best seller, I figured she must have figured something out. But apparently not in the YA category.

I wouldn’t recommend this one. There are so many better fantasy books out there.



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