Feature Friday {1}

There are many variations of what I’m about to do, but basically I tell you about book bloggers I follow and why I like them. If you don’t follow them already, you should cause they are awesome!

The first book blog I want to tell you about is Fiction Fare. This blog was started by Jaime Arkin, then she was eventually joined by her sister Erin. These ladies are awesome. They post everyday, and a variety of posts at that. The do the usual reviews, wrap ups, memes, blog tours, interviews, etc. But they also share what online book deals they find, whether it’s ebook deals, preorder deals, and Amazon deals (not that I use Amazon).

They are also very sweet to talk to. We’ve only really chatted through Instagram and Twitter, and I don’t even know if they recognize me, but they are always very nice. I’ve been following them basically my entire time on the book community. They’ve kindled my love of romance. If you need a romance rec, ask them! They make me want to read so much more.

They are kind of like my bookish role models. You should definitely follow them if you don’t.


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