Hawaii TBR

So, if you haven’t heard already, I’m on my way to Hawaii!! We are taking a cruise from Vancouver down to Hawaii, and then tour some of the islands, then spend 5 days in Honolulu. In total, my vacation is 16 days, but it will take us 5 to get to Hawaii. By the time you’re reading this, we are going to be halfway there, since we left on Friday. I’m on a giant ship in the middle of the ocean, with not a lot to do. I plan on reading, reading, and more reading. I’ve loaded up my Kobo with a bunch of arcs from NetGalley, and I would like to read them all while I’m gone.

Most of these were from the Read Now sections, and I can hit two birds with one stone while reading these. I’m so behind on my goal of reading 80 books this year. I haven’t even hit 50 yet. Reading all of these in a short period would definitely boost me up. It will also boost my Feedback to Approval ratio on NetGalley, which will help me get approved for more high demand books. I most likely won’t read them in the order presented, but I’m hoping to get through them all.

Wish me luck!


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