Beat the Heat Readathon 2015

What’s that? A readathon?! I’m in! But you did so horrible during Bout of Books My week was unpredictably busy during Bout of Books, and this readathon is two weeks long.  I love readathons, when I have time to read, because they encourage me to read more. And I’m super behind on my Goodreads goal. I’ve made the official post on my tumblr which you can find here. But I thought I would let you guys know about it here if you’re not following my tumblr.

This readathon is hosted by Phantasmic Reads and Novel Heartbeat. They both have posts with more information and signups. Technically, the readathon started on Monday which I didn’t find out about until Monday night. It goes from August 24 to September 6. The only goal is to read (my kind of readathon!!) My participation post is also my progress post, so every night I will be updating it.

You can sign up until August 28. So if you’re a late comer like me, I hope you join! Let me know, I’d love to follow your progress! Either way, happy reading!


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