Shatter Me Review

shatter me or

Title: Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1)
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Publication Date: November 15, 2011
Publisher: Harper Collins
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I know I’m very behind on the times that I’m just reading this now. It’s been out for close to 4 years, I have it for close to 3 I think, and I kind of regret that I just read it. I really enjoyed it. If, for some reason, you have no idea what it’s about; let me tell you. Juliette is lethal, coming skin-to-skin contact with her will kill you. Now the backwards government wants to use her as a weapon, and obviously she doesn’t want to but doesn’t really have a choice. Especially when her guard is a boy from her life before that gets hurt when she doesn’t cooperate.

Now the plot isn’t the strongest aspect of this book, I will admit. There is a lot that happens, and while these things are exciting it just seemed like they were but there so that the book had some movement. But it worked because it only took me two days to read this one. I liked how it didn’t take much to understand what was happening in this book, which was refreshing after reading A Discovery of Witches.

It’s kind of a good thing that I waited a while to read this, so I learned from others that romance dominated the book. I was okay with that, I like romance. It did seem to have insta-love between Adam and Juliette, even though they knew each other from before. I can understand the insta-love from Juliette though because he is giving her the one thing that she wants: to be treated like a human being.

Which flows nicely to the topic of Warren the villain. I reeeeaaaaaaalllllllly hope that Juliette doesn’t fall for him. I’m a little worried because of what I’ve seen on Twitter. Warren is not a nice person. He’s manipulative and abusive physically and mentally. he might “change” but that will only be a way to manipulate Juliette to join his side.

Let me tell you about my favourite part though: the writing. I’ve seen online that some people don’t really like it. But I love it because we can see Juliette’s character development through it. At the beginning it really matched the fact that she’s been in an asylum, scratched out words, words being repeated, thoughts all over the place. But as the book progresses and Juliette becomes more sure of herself, less words are scratched out and repeated, and her thoughts are more organized. It doesn’t change completely, when Juliette is in a panic there are more scratches and repeated words, but that’s expected: people don’t heal over night.

I will definitely continue this series, as well as re-purchase Shatter Me in the most recent cover… I like my series to match. If the synopsis interest you, I would recommend it. If it doesn’t sound like the book for you, don’t read it. From what I’ve learned from Goodreads reviews is that the people who don’t like it, didn’t like the synopsis to begin with. And please don’t go by my summary, please read the one off Goodreads.



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