Trees of Reverie July 2015 Readathon Day 4 Wrap Up


I liked a book so much that I did a tag! It’s not the best, but it was hard taking a picture of a reflective book cover.

Today was another awesome reading day. I finished Shatter Me, so the last 238 pages. I really liked it! (If you couldn’t tell from all of my instagram posts! My review for it will be up on Monday. I also read the first few pages of A Whole New World. It’s kind of a pain because when I open it on my Kobo it makes it freeze up. I’ve tried deleting it and re-downloading from NetGalley, but nothing works. So I caved, got the Kindle app on my iPod and got them to send it to me through there, because apparently that’s a thing on NetGalley! I don’t really like how it appears on the app, but oh well. I might try my Kobo one more time before giving up.



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