From A Distant Star Review

Title: From A Distant Star
Author: Karen McQuestion
Publication Date: May 19, 2015
Publisher: Skyscape
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From A Distant Star sounded really good. A girl’s, Emma, boyfriend, Lucas, is about to die from cancer when an alien crash lands on their property. To survive he needs a host body, and what better then the unconscious human who’s about to die? Now they have to try to get him back to his home planet and get her boyfriend back. Sounds awesome, right?

Unfortunately, it was not. I did not make it past the halfway mark. The writing style just did not click with me. There was more telling then showing. It was told mainly from Emma’s point of view and she annoyed me to know end. She’s sixteen and IN LOVE with Lucas, knows that they’re going to be together forever yeah right. Even if he wasn’t dying, you’d most likely not be with him your whole life.

The alien part was pretty cool, but it wasn’t enough to keep me reading. We only got his point of view twice in the first half of the book. If there were more chapters in his point of view, I may have finished this book. I just didn’t care for Emma and I didn’t sympathize with her at all. She wants you to hate Lucas’ mother because she doesn’t want Emma around 24/7. I actually sympathize with the mother because she wants to spend time with her son without a girl who possible won’t be in his life forever.

Speaking of only making it to the 50% mark, that’s how long it took them to reveal that Lucas was possessed by an alien and that he needed help getting to his home planet. Maybe that would have been okay if this were a series, but it’s a stand alone. How are you going to resolve this major conflict in less than 136 pages? It may have been resolved, but it probably wasn’t done well.

I would not recommend this book at all. Usually if I don’t like a book I’ll still encourage others to try it, they might like it. But not this one. Don’t waste your time.

Thanks NetGalley for the eARC.


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