’89 Walls Review

Title: ’89 Walls
Author: Katie Pierson
Release Date: June 5, 2015
Publisher: Wise Ink

Hopefully I won’t have to do reviews like this very often, but I do know I have a few more. ’89 Walls is about two teenagers in 1989 who don’t have much in common, but end up having a sudden romance. Things go wrong (obviously) but I don’t know what because I could not finish this book. I think I got 20% done before I gave up.

First, Quinn and Seth (the main characters) have 0 personality. No emotion, no sympathy, no originality. They are flat characters that were supposed to be interesting but weren’t. Maybe if they were background characters it would be fine, but they aren’t; they are the main characters. Oh yeah, and Quinn believes everything her dad says…

I get that 1989 was probably a stressful year in the United States since the Cold War was going on, but I was not alive at the time. But referencing political stuff that happened 26 years ago every chapter is very annoying. I’m not American, I did not learn about the fine details about the Cold War and American politics so I was very confused almost all of the times. An interest in politics is also the only thing Sean and Quinn have in common; but I don’t want to read about what happened 26 years ago as if it’s happening now, especially with politics.

The writing was also very confusing. One minute they were doing something then the next something else without giving the reader a heads up. The dialog could also get confusing because there weren’t many reminders of who was talking. This also made the conversations awkward since we didn’t really know how the characters were saying it.

I’m not going to rate this book because I didn’t finish it, but It would be really low if I did. I don’t recommend this one.

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC.


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