The Way to Game the Walk of Shame Review


Title: The Way to Game the Walk of Shame
Author: Jenn Nguyen
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Publisher: Swoon Reads
More information on SwoonReads

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame is available to read for free on Swoon Reads for a limited time. I saw a lot of hype about this one on Twitter and when I found out it was available to read for free I dropped everything and started reading.

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame is about Taylor who gets straight A’s, never does anything wrong, and is known as the Ice Queen. One morning she wakes up in Evan’s, a “total hottie”, room. Neither of them remembers much but know that they didn’t have sex. Of course, Taylor’s reputation is ruined and she fears this will hinder her chance to get into Columbia (wtf?!). So to make sure people don’t get the wrong idea Taylor and Evan start to “date”. And by that I mean they pretend to be a couple but don’t feel anything for each other.

Can you see where this story is going?

While the ending was highly predictable, because who doesn’t want a happy ending once in a while, I was addicted to this book. Taylor and Evan were very cute together. All they really did was hang out and kiss a little bit to keep up the façade, they had great chemistry. It takes a bit for the elements to react but once they do, oh boy! I need the New Adult version as a sequel, especially with that ending.

There were a few things that were slightly repetitive, like when someone would be shocked and “opened their mouth so wide I could see their molars.” That happened at least 5 times, and this book isn’t that long so it really stuck out to me.

Also, on the website, there is a little disclaimer that this book will go into the edit stages soon. I thought this was very smart since there were some words that were missing, were used twice on accident, or a completely wrong word was used. Normally this sort of thing would make me cringe, but since it has not been edited yet, I let it slide.

I don’t think the title is right for this book. It doesn’t really make sense with the story and it’s just a mouthful. Also, it’s not on Goodreads, as of June 8, 2015.

Whether you read it from the website, or have to wait to read it when it comes out, I definitely think you should check it out if you’re looking for a cute and quick read.




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